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Discover the stories behind your favorite authors with our exclusive author interviews. Gain insight into the creative process, inspirations, and unique perspectives of both debut and established writers.

Interview with Author Clyve Rose

HELLO AUTHOR CLYVE ROSE, WELCOME TO WORLDAUTHORS.ORG! TELL US WHAT DRIVES YOU TO WRITE? YOUR MOTIVATION AND THE PURPOSE OF YOUR BOOK(S)?I write out of curiosity - I have an insatiable curiosity about people and in the way people move

Interview with Author Laurie Bowler

HELLO AUTHOR LAURIE BOWLER, WELCOME TO WORLDAUTHORS.ORG! TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF?I first started writing in 2010, and within three years, I wrote over 15 books. Writing fantasy and thrillers has always been something I love. I

The LQBTQ Life Of Trehvonne Jerry

HELLO TREHVONNE JERRY, WELCOME TO WORLDAUTHORS.ORG!TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF?First and Foremost I am a Child of God. I am apart of the LGBTQ family. I have a voice that never been heard before. I am Smart & A Laughter. I always