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Discover the stories behind your favorite authors with our exclusive author interviews. Gain insight into the creative process, inspirations, and unique perspectives of both debut and established writers.

Interview with Author Mark J. Rose

Mark J. Rose is a scientist, author, and adventurer. He holds a doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry and is a director of research and development at a major biotech company. Fascinated with how humans adapt in a rapidly changing world,

Interview with Author Anika Savoy

Anika Savoy graduated with Dean’s Honors from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and the University of Cincinnati, College of Law. An award-winning true crime author, Anika is turning her talents to writing page-turning paranormal

Interview with Author Virginia Fox

Author, mother, horse trainer, and part-time healthy food cook, Virginia Fox is a woman who cares deeply about family, animals, the environment, and friendships.  Creative from a young age, she turned her love of books into a prolific