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Discover the stories behind your favorite authors with our exclusive author interviews. Gain insight into the creative process, inspirations, and unique perspectives of both debut and established writers.

Interview with Author Virginia Fox

Author, mother, horse trainer, and part-time healthy food cook, Virginia Fox is a woman who cares deeply about family, animals, the environment, and friendships.  Creative from a young age, she turned her love of books into a prolific

An interview with Frank Gutta

HELLO FRANK GUTTA, WELCOME TO WORLDAUTHORS.ORG! WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE YOUR SAFE RETIREMENT ROADMAP?When you get close to retirement and you saved a nice next egg. Your mind set has to change from growth and risk to guarantees and

Interview with Author Dino Carella

HELLO AUTHOR DINO CARELLA, WELCOME TO WORLDAUTHORS.ORG! PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF.I’m 56, father of a 26-year-old boy, living in a happy relationship. I’m an ex many things, but to keep things simple I’d say that I’m an ex corporate