The World Authors Organization is more than just another writers’ organisation, and we are wholly dedicated to supporting, encouraging and promoting authors.

The World Authors Organization, also affectionately known as “WorldAuthors.Org” is a not-for-profit organization initiated and managed by the Proficient Knowledge Group.

WorldAuthors.Org aims at bringing authors, poets, script-writers and lyricists under the spotlight of worldwide attention, which will open doors to seamless opportunities for them. We are one-of-its-kind digital platform, set with the only aim of bringing all the latest updates directly from authors about the books TO THE BOOK LOVERS and JOURNALISTS from across the globe.

Our members also include writers from film, television, web series, theatre, comedy, radio, animation including budding and aspiring writers. Being a membership-based organisation, we are inclined towards procuring a plethora of benefits and priority to our registered members. One of the perks is the easy acceptance of memberships from anywhere in the world.

We bring an array of exciting opportunities from around the world to your plate, and offer equal options to everyone irrespective of their gender, cast, creed, race, age or colour.

Giving writers a centerstage is of utmost importance, and at WorldAuthors.Org we ensure that the work of writers is curated systematically and reaches the widest audience possible.