The World’s Still Beautiful

beautiful world

by Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra

The world’s still beautiful, who told you it is not?

Do you know what our world has got?

It still has a few penguins, a fewer tigers,

A little population of cheetahs and lions,

But so what, our earth is still beautiful,

With more than 6 billion people, to whom she is a mother,

We fight over petty issues so much,

We cause was, hatred, violence but so what?

Nothing can daunt the beauty of earth,

Beauty that has no definition; like right after

The war, when soldiers die and lie on…

Mother Nature’s bosom, they are eaten voraciously…

By vultures, have you by any chance come upon?

A sight so fearfully beautiful? So contrasting? That on,

One side they (soldiers) are being eaten up by vultures and,

On the other side it satisfies the hunger of the birds….

The earth is still beautiful with India and Pakistan fighting,

With Afghanistan crying, in tears of blood;

With people dying, the earth’s still beautiful….

No I am not being over optimistic, ask anyone and you’ll hear the same…

The world’s beautiful what they will all have to say;

With nuclear wars every now and then,

With beggars everywhere, asking you for money;

The world’s still more beautiful, with a few acres of jungle,

In between a forest of concrete,

The world’s still beautiful…even till the day the judgment day arrives,

And wash away everything, like it never existed….

The world will always (for eternity) remain beautiful…