Paradise Found…


by Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra

Yeah I found my paradise, my place of eternal peace;

My true identity and my true inner bliss…

Of heaven and hell there is no place so enchanting,

Full of magic…yeah I found my paradise;

Yet I’m disturbed sometimes; lightning through my body I feel,

It is as if I’m tied with a thousand electric eels;

The pain seems to come from a million miles…

My body is carried down through hallowed corridors…

What are those? A hundred hands reach out for me,

As if their god is being taken away?

People standing here and there with guns,

Where am I? I’m tied to my bed…

A million questions in my head,

This isn’t the paradise I dreamt of? Now I’ve had my daily dose of pain;

I reach out for my food yet why can’t I take it?

Why am I tied? My body gives away,

I cry…but who will listen to me?

The moonlit room brings out a contrast,

I close my eyes…and think of Akbar’s quote,

If on earth there is paradise,

It is this, it is this, it is this…