Why Interview Questions Matter & Interview Questions for Authors

“Personal Branding” is not a new term; it has become an important element of success in today’s scenario. There was a time when only celebrities used to focus on personal branding. Today it’s not like that; it is not just a celebrity thing anymore. In fact, if you want to succeed in your field, you need to Personal brand yourself. And that applies to everybody, including authors. Right personal branding can turn an ordinary writer into an extraordinary author.

World’s Leading Personal Branding Expert & Brand Awareness Guru, Gaurav Gulati, says that Personal branding is a MUST for authors. The best thing is it is not tough to create a strong personal brand today. There are myriads of ways one can develop a personal brand. However, Gulati feels that one should take a professional’s help to create a personal brand that STANDS OUT! 

Besides, it is important to choose the right interview questions. Not only do the right interview questions help authors build and position their personal brand, but also they can easily spread brand awareness.  

The Interview questions help authors both ways; they can express themselves correctly and spread awareness about their book as well. 

Now the question is – how to know which questions are best??? Well, not to worry, just click on: Interview Questions for Authors. Here you will get a list of interview questions created by Gaurav Gulati painstakingly. 

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