Robin Sharma’s The Five AM Club is a transformational read

Robin Sharma has emerged as a master storyteller since his first book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” was released. He changed umpteen lives with his talks, books, stories and sessions. There is some magic in Robin Sharma with which his followers can connect so quickly and easily.

The Five AM Club is a club that tells us not only about the importance of waking up at 5 AM but also what to do after waking up early. There are so many practical concepts that the author reveals in the book. Robin Sharma motivates us to become a better version of a good change.

All these master concepts are so helpful to a person who is living a directionless life that they can start bringing a change in their lives each day with the much-needed habits. There are many diagrams the book provides and all of them are highly helpful.

The author explains to us the significance of discipline and practice. He also talks about the fact that how major it is to know what are we doing after waking up. Are we using a phone? Or, are we watching TV?

Instead of watching tv, using a phone or checking emails, one can meditate, exercise and do many other things which would help a person. Robin Sharma’s The Five AM Club is a book that would guide you to come out of procrastination and take some real actions.