Rancher Deep Dive: Deploy Kubernetes In a Fast and Easy Way

Matthew Mattox has been working as a SUSE Principal Support Engineer since 2019. He provides client-based support for enhanced consumer experience. Mattox has experience in both Engineering and DevOps along with having a deep understanding of software such as OPA Gatekeeper, Docker, Rancher Longhorn, and Kubernetes. He designed custom solutions to fight changing problems. He was also named the “Bullfighter of the Year” for his remarkable work at Rancher Labs. He works to make IT a profit center rather than a cost center.

Rancher Deep Dive: Manage enterprise Kubernetes seamlessly with Rancher by Matthew Mattox provides a deep understanding of how to use Rancher. A deeper understanding of Rancher enables the learner to manage multiple applications at once instead of getting locked in one place. The book also develops a good understanding of Kubernetes which helps in developing the application to the next level.

The book starts with an introduction to Rancher and Kubernetes. Which covers basic concepts to guide readers about what the book will cover. This is the only introductory part of the book to give engineers a head start. After that, the book jumps to high-level architecture and creates other Clusters and Ranchers. Keeping in mind the high-level development of software, this book is very beneficial if you want to develop more skills. Though the book is amazing for advanced learners it can be a little difficult for beginners.

As the reader proceeds with the book, it enables their understanding of the potentials and weaknesses of Rancher and Kubernetes. The reader will also learn various methods to deploy Rancher. The book is targeted towards providing readers with the power of using Rancher up to its potential. So after completing the book readers will learn what Kubernetes and Rancher are most suitable for their environment. The last chapters address supporting services like image registries and Helm charts as well as how to set up a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline for delivering apps into a Rancher cluster.

Why should you buy it?

The book enables the reader to understand Rancher’s production-ready configuration. After reading the book readers can create application clusters to support their workloads with mission-critical. It also provides an understanding of what Kubernetes clusters are best suitable for your environment depending on the need and the requirements. The books have various tools and services that readers might be unaware of. It deepens the area of learning by providing new knowledge of new tools and services.

Other learning outcomes of the book are preparing applications for their deployment in the Rancher for Kubernetes and expanding the Kubernetes cluster by additional services such as OPA, Longhorn, and monitoring.  

So if you are a DevOps engineer looking for Kubernetes deployment easily and in a fast way then this is the book for you. But to get the most out of this book you need to have a basic understanding of Linux administration and containerization.

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