PG announces new EP “All of Me” for November 22nd release”

‘All of Me’ (AOM) is the latest project of rising hip hop artist, PGmaineee. This EP serves as a follow-up to his successful 2019 album, ‘My Two Cents’ –  as the latest chapter in his music journey. Through ‘My Two Cents’, PG shared his experiences as a new entrant into music – a nervous upstart trying to find his place in the industry. Now with ‘All of Me’, he showcases his continuous growth and confidence as an artist. It tells the story that is often lost behind the excitement and glamor of hip hop. The story of the challenges and hardships every successful artist must go through in this brutal business. With ‘All of Me’, this Houston-based artist opens up about the struggles and failures he has had to endure – the failures in show competitions, the constant rejection from labels and producers. PG delivers each song with raw and unapologetic passion. He uses his honest lyrics to openly express these struggles with listeners, never shying away from his truth. And while PG has experienced the lowest of lows, these same experiences have helped guide his career and given him clarity on who he is as an artist. Because even through all the trials and tribulations, PG has been able to rise above them every time. ‘All of Me’ chronicles these very triumphs and the passion that constantly motivates him to elevate his craft and deliver the best music for his fans. 

Not once has PG thought about giving up or walking away. Music is his passion and his dream – a dream he intends to pursue with every last breath. 

This is still very much still the beginning for PG. He will continue to push forward, knowing that there will be more heartbreak and hardships ahead. His road to glory and success will be paved by his own blood, sweat, and tears. And with every new challenge and obstacle, he will find a way to overcome them and walk away as an even better artist. 

This EP will resonate with those who may be struggling to achieve their dreams. ‘All of Me’ is an ode to all the amazing things you can accomplish through strong self-belief and the fortitude to pursue every endeavor with absolute tenacity. 

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