New Free eBook from Gives Inside Tips on How to Keep Private Info Secure Online

Scottsdale, AZ, August 10, 2020 – With busy lives made easier with the convenience of the Internet, the question of online security sits at the back of everybody’s mind. Rightfully so. Home addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, and relatives’ names are all public with the simplest searches. But that’s not the half of it. Big companies have access to everything right down to tracking people in real-time.

The good news is, says there’s a way out. Their new free eBook, “15 Rarely Used Privacy Tricks” offers information about how to effectively and thoroughly remove personal online information.

It covers how to add layers of security, secure e-mail and credit accounts, and lock down social media information hounds. Giving peace of mind to the “little guys,” the eBook even answers the daunting question, “What do Facebook and Google know about me?”

Pete James, the owner of, said of the e-Book launch, “Personal security has never been more of an issue, not only for police officers and their families but for the public at large as well. Our book puts the power you never knew you gave away back into your hands. Companies and criminals have full access. It’s time to stop that.”

“15 Rarely Used Privacy Tricks” starts by unveiling the top sites that expose home addresses. It shares the importance of placing a security freeze on credit so new accounts can’t be set up by criminals through credit bureaus.

The e-Book also addresses the importance of two-factor authentication for e-mail and social media accounts, the usage of temporary e-mail addresses, and how to stop dreaded junk mail. Readers can join the Do Not Call Registry, lock down Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and learn how to disable Facebook and Google Tracking.

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