May You BE Healthy

“May You BE Healthy” is a must-read book for everybody who wants to drastically improve their health. In fact, it is a great book to own, because it is, as dubbed by its own author, Ravi Sahay, an owner’s manual for our body. As such, it should be used to create healthy habits in many areas of our lives: detoxing, eating, exercising, recharging, resting and so on.

What intrigued me right away about this book is the point Sahay makes that we need an owner’s manual.

The human body is way more complex than a car, yet we follow detailed instructions to operate and maintain a car, but do not do the same with our body. And, this owner’s manual is based on 5000-year-old holistic medicine from India, Ayurveda, which means, “Science of Longevity” in Sanskrit. The Rishis from India understood this mechanism of body, mind, and spirit well and developed and recommended healthy practices for daily detoxification (Saucha), right eating, exercise (yoga) and meditation. Not surprisingly, it is for everyone and does not cost much: it is “Well-being for Pennies A Day”.

For several years, I have been interested in eating better and exercising more. I have read several books and articles that helped me learn how to improve some habits. It was a long and non-linear process, to develop good behaviors, starting from many scattered pieces of information.

Now, finally, I found everything in one single book, a manual for me to create the right habits. This is really a “one-stop shop” to start getting your life and health in order.

Sahay’s book contains a concise and very practical list of advice regarding healthy foods, recipes, exercising techniques, yoga poses, detoxing methods, and directions on how to prevent and, in many cases, cure health issues.

Sahay is the living example of what can be accomplished by being disciplined in a way that drastically changes your lifestyle.

His story is a true inspiration: he suffered a heart attack at 55 because of chronic stress and inflammation. At 59, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and at 64, he was admitted urgently for acute breathlessness which prompted the implantation of a pacemaker. Now, at 74, thanks to the help of his pioneer integrative cardiologist and the dramatic lifestyle changes he applied, he is healthier than he ever was, having eliminated the root causes of many of the illnesses that affected him for many years. His heart was diagnosed to be fully healthy at 68 and his pacemaker was ultimately removed. His gout is also gone, and he feels now younger, energetic, and livelier.

Author Ravi Sahay

This book is a gift from Sahay to all of us, to learn early in life what are the right things to focus on, to avoid and to cure diseases.

One of my key learnings from the book, which is in fact a very old maxim from Ayurveda, is that all diseases begin in the gut. It is amazing that this was well known in India in ancient times and now medicine is recognizing the importance and influence of the microbiome on our health. Just this month, the New York Times wrote an article that doctors have confirmed that the age-old Ayurvedic daily detox practice of Neti (Nasal Irrigation) is very effective and inexpensive. Sahay describes Neti as one of the ten daily detox practices recommended by Ayurveda. It is inspiring to know that 90% of chronic diseases could be eliminated through lifestyle. Sahay’s book teaches us exactly how.

I read half of the book in a couple of hours to get the big picture first of what can be accomplished and how easy it can be by following the easy-to-follow and detailed instructions. Right away, the importance of key foods like kefir, for example, stuck with me and has since become a must-have food in my fridge.

Now, I go back regularly to re-read portions of the book and I pick up some more tips every time. I learn and integrate them into my daily habits. I am already seeing improvements in the way I feel, especially in my higher level of energy.

I think that everybody needs to own and read this book. It can be a great gift to help somebody reach their healthy goals. The earliest we can start following the healthy habits described, the better we will live.

It is easy: just follow Sahay’s instructions and you will experience improvements.

Don’t miss this book; be healthier and happier!  

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Article by Gabby Francia