Living the Secrets to an Abundant and Prosperous Life

When the words “financially fit” are heard, there is an initial impression of how to invest, eliminate debt, and create a world of wealth” says financial lifestyle author Dawna Campbell. “If this is your initial impression, then I might disappoint you.”

Over the last 25 years of her professional career, Campbell discovered a problem; the disconnect between the energy of money and what is in the deep subconscious.

“When outdated patterns and programs are released, aligned, and transformed with the energy of money, instant abundance and prosperity are the result. “Financially Fit” is the perfect financial book for the person who wants to be fit in their mind financially first, then utilize all the money tools and rules given by financial gurus,” she said.

As a former Financial Advisor and Managing Principal, Campbell believed that she knew about money, but after hospital time, and a divorce, she found herself filing for bankruptcy as a single parent. She had followed the rules that we’re taught about money, health, and relationships, yet her abundance stream was cut off. She soon discovered that being financially fit is about more than budgets, savings, mutual funds, bonds, insurance, and real estate.

“Being financially fit is about having a mindset and heartset that is open to money and abundance,” she said. Campbell empowers heart-centered business owners to realign their inner balance to gain infinite prosperity.

“Many people strive to be financially fit, but few people understand the energy that surrounds money and how thoughts can increase or decrease the personal money supply,” she said. Campbell teaches readers how powerful our thoughts are. By changing how the feelings behind the thoughts with money, the abundance flow can magnetically attract back creating unlimited wealth. Some of the lessons in Dawna Campbell’s book, “Financially Fit: Living the Secrets to an Abundant and Prosperous Life” include:

• How to implement the three secret keys to bring in prosperity.
• How to avoid money and energy debts.
• How to release self-sabotaging money-inhibiting patterns.
• How to rebuild your money surplus and energy supply.
• How to create your financial affluence story.

International Author William O. Joseph, says “In these troubled times it is fitting that her new book, “Financially Fit,” reveals how to acquire an inner state of abundance in our common quest to manifest prosperity in every aspect of our lives.”

With thought and feelings being so powerful, we have the power to change the way that money appears in our personal life. Financially Fit does just that, bridging the gap between the financial world, with the heart, mind, and soul of the energy body.

About Dawna Campbell
Known as the Mind Whisperer, Dawna Campbell combines her past knowledge, wisdom, and experience to assist you in creating and restoring a life of happiness, prosperity, and love. She is a professional speaker and maintains an international private practice. Her personal Heart Centered Healing philosophy is to create a world that is a better place. For more information:

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