Interview with Author Jim Marshall

Hello Author Jim Marshall, Welcome to WorldAuthors.Org! Please introduce yourself?
I am a polymathic scholar and autodidact who has devoted over 50,000 hours to the study and practice of multiple dimensions of human potential and development. I received a classical education as an honor student at a Jesuit Military Prep School, was accepted into engineering school while still a junior in prep school, and attended college on academic scholarship. I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science cum laude. While still an undergraduate, I began the study of “alternative” Arts and Sciences which today would be described as Transformational and Holistic. Eventually, I became a professional practitioner and, after 28 years of formal education, had a long career as a Human Development Engineer. I have integrated the best aspects of the most advanced techniques on the planet, and expanded their limits by my own Research & Discovery. I have successfully treated and/or trained hundreds of clients over a 40 year career, and I am the inventor of Septemics and several consciousness-expanding systems. My areas of expertise include psychology, philosophy, theology, parapsychology, science, engineering, mathematics, law, literature, history, metaphysics, military science, political science, physical culture and music.

The  book is titled Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena and is a unique, original, revolutionary and transformative work of social science and psychological philosophy.

Can you share more about your personal successes, achievements or transformations?
I can express this in various ways, depending on what tradition the reader prefers or knows. In the Hindu tradition, I would say I have broken the chain of reincarnation. In the Christian tradition, I would say I have attained sainthood. In the Bhuddist tradition, I would say I attained enlightenment. These, in my mind, all represent essentially the same thing, which is well beyond the scope of Septemics.

Why should a potential reader listen to you, and what makes you different?
People should listen to me because:
1) I created a system which efficiently enables people to improve their own lives and the lives of others,
2) Septemics is a legitimate and workable philosophical system which parallels human nature very closely,
3) I have helped many persons, which led me to Septemics, and
4) the response to the book by readers has been extremely positive. This book changes people’s lives!

What is the most common behavior-related problem that you see in today’s generation?
People makes themselves victims because they lack resilience, self-reliance and toughness. In my day, anyone who acted like today’s generation was just laughed at and stepped over on the way to success. To put it another way, young people today let others rain on their parade, as it were. In contrast, I always try to use all motion to my advantage, learn from every experience, blame no one for anything, and just keep advancing toward my goals. In military science, it is understood that you win by convincing the enemy to give up. Most people today give up much too easily, which makes them victims. Persons with courage keep striving; they do not give up. History is filled with examples of this, e.g., Washington winning the Revolutionary War against overwhelming odds because he never gave up.

What would be your best advice for someone looking to create change today?
Septemics was created to help people to succeed faster by understanding human phenomena. Septemics is a cookbook for your life. If you actually comprehend it and apply it, you will start seeing results quickly. If you study and apply the scales, they will facilitate success for you. Each scale is a roadmap for success.

Why have you decided to share your knowledge with the world? Was there any specific spark or inspiration that made you do so?
I wrote this book to help people, as it is patently obvious that people need practical help. This book is written in a way that can work for any serious student of the subject. However, you must actually study and apply it.

When I found The Scale of Basic Purposes, after working on it for decades, it just came to me that there must be other such scales, and there were, whence Septemics.

Why teach in the form of a book? Why not a podcast, Youtube channel, videos, or 1-to-1 coaching?
I am a very literary person. As a youth, I enjoyed being in a library, surrounded by the most brilliant minds in human history through their books. Most of the useful knowledge of the world is in books, and Septemics is an inherently literary subject, in the same way as the The Periodic Table. Anything can be discussed, but you have to look at each of the 35 scales laid out as it is in a matrix, to see what it is, and how each scale has an intrinsic structure. I did a lot of successful coaching, but the book can go beyond my personal reach, through space and time, into the future and around the world.

How would you define success for the book? Is there any metric such as a target number of people reached?
I hope and intend for this book to create a grass roots movement that continues to spread across human society long after I am gone, and still be helping people through future generations.

Will you be consistently pushing the message of Septemics through different avenues, or only in books?
I would like to teach Septemics, in order to help students to grasp it. And I am willing to follow any avenue that leads to a wider acceptance of Septemics. However, Septemics will always be in book form, as it cannot be conveyed any other way.

Lecturing and/or teaching Septemics, in whatever venue is appropriate, including perhaps a course book on Septemics.

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