Listen Blurb: The Traveler’s Best Seller By Author Rick Incorvia

Imagine for a moment that you could be sent back in time to witness the life of any historical figure. The Traveler’s Best Seller is a fiction novel about a humble school teacher who gets that opportunity. Having already suffered great loss and now facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, he embraces a bizarre “travel” opportunity offered by an unorthodox trio who seem unusually interested in fulfilling his dying wishes. It begins as a very human struggle with his fate, and plunges deeper into an odyssey of heart and soul as he surrenders to the adventure, eagerly returning to his classroom to share his newfound knowledge with his increasingly engaged students. This book is a reminder to live your life without fear or the limitations and insecurities brought on by worrying about what others think. It will challenge how you feel about dying and dreaming, about your purpose, and about love and living in the here and now. This is a must read for teachers, students, and anyone facing mortality issues through cancer or the untimely loss of a loved one.

I am the author of The Traveler’s Best Seller and several other unique books including Action Adventure, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Crime, Fantasy and Romance, demonstrating my love of storytelling far beyond a genre box. I am one of nine children, raised in a household where controlled chaos, fun and laughter were the norm. While this fun comes through in my writing, I may also prompt you to think deeply about life, love and being human. My writing reflects my life as a friend, lover, husband, father and grandfather. You can visit me online at