The Greatest Gift We All Have and Why it Matters

International speaker and story expert Linda Olson is passionate about helping people recognize and embrace the value of their personal story. In fact, she believes that something as simple as a story can change the lives of others.

“Story to me is the greatest gift we have been given, and a lot of times, unfortunately, we don’t see it as a gift,” Olson said in a recent interview. “The thing is, if we deny our gift, we are denying our God-given purpose because our story is who we are. … We will never reach our potential and what God has for us if we don’t embrace this gift.”

Olson illustrates the impact of story in her newest compilation, Story Matters! Empowering Your Hope When Going Through Tough Times. In it,sheprovides real-life examples of seven ordinary women who faced major challenges, embraced their stories and learned to rise above nearly insurmountable obstacles. They did it through strength, courage and their faith in God, and they are sharing their stories to light a path forward for others facing difficult circumstances.

In this book, readers will learn:

– How a single woman rose above childhood trauma to conquer fear and loneliness.

– How a young mother moved through grief and loss when her young child was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

– How a caring sister became embroiled in a devastating lawsuit and discovered that forgiveness is a choice.

– How a middle-aged woman, faced with a choice to live or die, once again found joy.

– How a career woman who achieved the many pleasures of the world discovered her real fulfillment was through commitment.

– How a college student fulfilled her dream, only to find out her real dream lay deep within her.

– How a teenager, devastated by the death of her brother, became a professional storyteller.

“All of these women wanted to give in and give up because they felt themselves giving out,” Olson said. “But something kept them going!”

And now they’re using the power of their stories to make a difference.

Linda Olson is the go-to story expert who helps authors, speakers and entrepreneurs impact millions with their stories. She is a TEDx Speaker, multiple bestselling author and founder of Wealth Through Stories.Her mission is to impact a million people a year with multiple authors in her series, Story Matters! Linda and her husband, Rick, reside in sunny California. They enjoy their two married daughters, sons-in-law and five adorable grandchildren who are the best part of their story.

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