Listen Blurb: Doug Lawrence on ‘Gift of Mentoring’ and ‘You Are Not Alone’

Step into the world of transformative mentoring with Doug Lawrence as he unveils the profound insights behind his books, “You Are Not Alone” and “Gift of Mentoring.” As the sole holder of the Certificate of Practice – Journey Mentor from the International Mentoring Community (IMC), Doug brings a wealth of experience in mentoring mentorship. In this exclusive video, delve into the crucial role of a Journey Mentor in supporting mentor health and fostering a richer mentoring experience. Explore Doug’s work with organizations through the Culture Assessment process, unraveling insights into organizational culture and readiness for mentoring.

“You Are Not Alone” emerged from a poignant need to bridge the gap between academic perspectives on mentoring and mental health and the practical application of these principles. Doug shares his personal journey of confronting demons, realizing PTSD, and the pivotal role mentoring could have played in his healing process.

This enlightening listen blurb video extends to the heart of mentoring and mental health, emphasizing the invaluable role mentoring plays in reducing sick time, fostering engaged employees, and alleviating stress and anxiety. Gain a glimpse into Doug’s own narrative, fostering a deeper understanding of the transformative potential within “You Are Not Alone.”

As a bonus, Doug presents “Gift of Mentoring,” where he humbly shares his experiences as an effective mentor. Explore the lifelong journey of learning and personal development that effective mentoring entails, guided by the insights within “Gift of Mentoring.” Immerse yourself in Doug Lawrence’s wealth of knowledge and become part of the mentorship community committed to supporting individuals on their healing journey.

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