Listen Blurb: Discover the Financial Magic in Kalee Boisvert’s Books

Financial advisor and author Kalee Boisvert shares the inspiration behind her passion for financial independence, offering a glimpse into her books. Growing up without financial privilege, Boisvert witnessed her single mother’s struggles, igniting a lifelong quest for economic empowerment. Her journey led her to become a financial advisor, specifically focusing on supporting and empowering women to eliminate money-related stress.

Boisvert’s first book, “Make Money Your Thing: Ditch the Shame and Design your Dream Life,” serves as an accessible guide for women to take control of their finances. Drawing from her personal experiences, she outlines practical steps to transform money mistakes into wisdom, emphasizing the importance of embracing one’s financial uniqueness. The book aims to empower women to feel confident and in control of their financial present while building a solid foundation for the future.

In addition to her written work, Boisvert actively promotes financial literacy through her podcast, “The Wealth and Wellness Podcast,” and public appearances, including discussions on teaching children about money. Boisvert’s commitment to financial education extends to her second book, “MoneyWise Mabel’s Bursting Bank.” This children’s picture book follows Mabel’s journey as her piggy bank overflows, teaching young readers valuable lessons about money management and the importance of making wise financial choices.

Kalee Boisvert’s dedication to sparking positive conversations around wealth, both for women and children, reflects in her engaging and informative approach to financial literacy.

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