The RV Book Fair (Panel 2, 2023): Dario Cannizzaro, Doug Lawrence, and Kalee Boisvert

The RV Book Fair 2023’s second panel showcased the brilliance of three distinguished authors—Dario Cannizzaro, Doug Lawrence, and Kalee Boisvert. Guided by the adept hosting duo of Lucia Matuonto and Mickey Mikkelson, the panel provided an illuminating glimpse into the minds of these literary luminaries.

Dario Cannizzaro: A masterful storyteller, Dario Cannizzaro invited viewers into the enchanting realms he crafts with his narratives. Through the expertly hosted discussion, Dario unveiled the intricacies of his creative process, offering insights into the inspiration that breathes life into his stories and the techniques he employs to make his characters resonate with readers.

Doug Lawrence: Certified Journey Mentor and cultural transformation expert, Doug Lawrence, took center stage to share his profound insights. The discussion delved into Doug’s role as a mentor of mentors, exploring the transformative impact of mentoring on personal and professional development. His expertise provided a unique perspective on the powerful role mentorship plays in shaping cultures within organizations.

Kalee Boisvert: Financial advisor and women’s empowerment advocate, Kalee Boisvert, enriched the conversation with her practical wisdom and inspiring stories. In this engaging discussion, Kalee shed light on the importance of financial empowerment for women, offering tangible advice and highlighting her commitment to supporting women on their journey to financial independence.

Lucia Matuonto and Mickey Mikkelson 

As adept hosts, Lucia Matuonto and Mickey Mikkelson skillfully navigated the literary voyage. Their thoughtful questions and insightful guidance created a dynamic atmosphere, allowing the authors to share their experiences, beliefs, and visions for the future of literature.

Whether you are an aspiring writer seeking inspiration, a dedicated reader hungry for a deeper understanding of your favorite authors, or simply a curious soul intrigued by the art of storytelling, The RV Book Fair’s second panel in 2023 delivered an enriching literary experience. Tune in to witness the convergence of creative minds, the exchange of ideas, and the celebration of the written word in this captivating exploration of literature.