Let It Go Divine



‘Descending from trinity,

Enhancing your ability,

Eradicating negativity,

Synonym of purity,

Spreading positivity,

Providing stability,

It is divinity.’

What is divinity? A simple answer which instantly strikes one’s mind is, “god”. When I was asked this question I too gave the same answer, but then a thought took hold of my mind. ‘Is it so?’ does this word just mean god or something beyond it? Does it have a deep meaning or it simply means what it seems.

My question was a simple one but its answer is not so simple. Its meaning has no boundaries as for each and every individual it means something different. Some take it as a power to keep them strong, some take it as a medicine to relieve them from every pain, some take it as a reason for their happiness, some take it as their duty and some take it merely a pass of time.

It is often mistaken to the gateway to hell or heaven. And with a fear in your heart the practice begins; practice to make almighty happy and get the ticket to heaven. But when you are truly into it you know there is no other life leading to hell and heaven. When you are born on this earth you experience hell and heaven here. Your actions give you what you deserve. Your smile, your positive attitude, your liveliness, your straight forward attitude, your ability to differentiate between wrong and right, your sensitivity, your hard work, is what gives you the feeling of heaven or complete peace, you don’t need another life for this , this life is given to you to experience an distinguish between the two.

Heaven doesn’t mean a luxurious place with delicious food , best of clothes or every comfort, the way it is portrayed  and taken by the world, it actually defines a state of complete peace which actually comes from satisfaction, of which there is lack in this world, of which there search. And that search ends up in the virtual world of heaven of which the true meaning is not known.

The range of divinity is infinity, no one left untouched from and infant to an adult. In some way or the other we feel it; the difference lies in the way we perceive. The way we perceive things is a very powerful tool. You can perceive right from wrong even. The way you take things depends solely on you.

The best part about this energy is that you can get it anywhere, in middle of ocean, in a hot air balloon, on a long drive, in your room, any place where you decide to connect with spirituality and explore yourself. You are energized and your body rejuvenated.

So free yourself and let it happen.

‘Where divinity commences, despair diminishes’

‘Where there is end to infinity, there is commencement to divinity’.