Interview With Author Tymeka Coney

Hello Author Tymeka Coney! We are pleased to have you on here for an interview. Please tell us something about yourself?
I’m also a Poet, Songwriter and Playwright. Graduate of Texas Tech University where I studied Psychology & English- Dramatic Writing and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree. I also have an Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Acting & Script Analysis.

Your book, “I Don’t Like Racism”, was published recently. To begin with, could you tell those who don’t know much about the book?
I Don’t Like Racism – Children’s Picture Book is Available on Amazon KIndle Edition for Pre-Orders. This book tells the story of racism through the eyes of a young African-American girl, DaNyla, and her experiences with racism as she witnesses her cousin involved in police brutality and she tries to understand why racism exists. It seeks to unite us all to love one another despite the color of our skin.

What inspired your debut?
It was time for my 2nd book and Thank God the Pandemic afforded me some time to complete a book. Secondly, I have experienced Police Brutality firsthand and I just want to be a part of the ongoing fight and conversations for social change. Thirdly, I was affected like most of America by the recent killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and so many others and saw how this had reignited the Black Lives Matter movements etc., and I was touched by George Floyd’s six year old daughter when she said, “Daddy changed the world.” I further realized that this subject of racism starts to affect those as early as six years old and we need something in place to let them know their value and to start to educate them and provide clarity and understanding and this book will certainly do that for all ages.

What is your process of writing a book?
I just have a thought in my head about the beginning, middle and end. I can see the characters and the words in my imagination in my head. I am very tunnel vision when writing a book and I have to be in a quiet place to focus on the writing process. My writing process is very fluid and authentic as I don’t try to edit the writing, I just let it flow and I don’t even worry about structure, I just tell the story that comes to mind and let it drive me through the process.

What book are you planning to write next?
I am definitely going to do another children’s book as I enjoyed the process and I am also an Educator so I enjoy being a part of enhancing the lives of our children…”The children are our future.” My first book was titled ” Words Unspoken: Volume I- Deeper Than Eyes Can See..Poetry book…I definitely have to follow up with a Volume II. I also have a book of quotes/wisdom I’ve started writing.

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring authors?
I believe everyone has a story to tell. Tell the story you are passionate about and have experienced so that you can share your knowledge/expertise with the readers. Also, read books in the genres that interest you or that you are thinking about writing. If you can, find a mentor and/or read about the success of other authors and take the insight they give you as it may save you some time in your process and just start writing. “Writers write.”

Where can our readers find you online?
They can find me at, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or just simply google my name 🙂