Interview with Author Prince Arnold Kufulula

Prince Arnold Kufulula was born on October 23, 1989 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is also known as the Wolf of Congo, an African Royal, World Leader, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Philanthropist who embodies the epitome of African excellence.

As a beloved husband, and prince, the Wolf of Congo still organizes his time to perform official duties and engagements representing The Democratic Republic of Congo, as a royal ambassador of Congo.

He holds patronage with select charitable organizations, including the We Love Congo, and Focus Congo helping with funding, infrastructure development, social housing, as well as social responsibility projects with Royalty Noire for orphanages and abandoned children of war. The Wolf of Congo welcomes being a royal advocate for his beloved Congolese people, but being a leader has not always come easy. The Wolf of Congo was born and raised in the capital city of Kinshasa. He grew up in the Batandu area, a poverty stricken area, with his single-mother Micheline.

Though the Wolf of Congo was first in the line of succession and heir apparent to the Congolese Bapindi Kingdom throne, he was not made aware of who he was (a prince), until the age of 18 as declared by his grandfather and former King of the Bapindi Kingdom, Lambert Kabamba.

The Wolf of Congo endured several challenges, including being an exiled homeless prince in America. While being homeless he realized many helpful lessons such as he should not rely on family money, who his true friends were, who genuinely loves him, how people’s mindset always relates royalty to wealth, having absolutely no pity on his personal circumstances.

The Wolf of Congo is honored that he experienced these lessons as they helped him experience a mindset shift pushing him to be great, became humble, and “the bring wolf out from the forest,” with more passion to succeed with his life mission and life purpose. Coming from wealth he now knows that money is not everything. The Wolf of Congo is guided by his ancestral roots to shine, as he is a proud representative of African excellence, and what it is to overcome obstacles with a smile. The Wolf of Congo has authored a few books with Wolf of Congo: Prince of Kinshasa being his first published self-help book and memoir based on his life. The book Wolf of Congo: Prince of Kinsha is currently in pre-production for a movie and series.

He is currently building Oasys Royale, what is soon to be one of DR Congo’s most exquisite luxury real estate firms, Roi Royale Club, a luxury fashion house, and Royalty Noire, a premium African production and publishing studio. Being a 5th generation monarch of the Bapindi Kingdom, the essence of his royal pedigree has undoubtedly played a role in his pursuit of African excellence. That said, his humility is rooted in the modesty of his beginning, a polarizing reality that makes him living proof that big dreams come true in Africa for anyone who believes.