Salman Rushdie’s latest novel ‘Victory City’ released

Just six months after being seriously attacked by a young religious fanatic, Salman Rushdie comes back with a bang as his latest novel ‘Victory City’ is off the press. The author has gone through a lot in the last year but has shown the world that positivity wins over negativity.

Salman Rushdie’s Victory City is an epic tale of a 14th Century woman who confronts a patriarchal world to rule a city. No doubt, the story is a blend of fiction and history.

Narrated by a sorceress and poet named Pampa Kampana, the book takes us to the Vijayanagara Kingdom which has been a subject of historical and political interest. Victory City is a tale of love, myth and adventure with some extraordinary storytelling skills of Salman Rushdie.

Mr Rushdie took to Twitter to announce the book’s release in India. However, one person commented badly on his books and writing style. “Your books are sh*t,” he wrote on the social media site.

“Shut? Shot? I don’t understand,” the author replied to the user in his style. A lot of the author’s followers praised him and criticized the user for writing wrong to the master storyteller.