Interview With Author Pamela D. Smith

Pamela D. Smith is an Evangelist, Best-Selling Author, Life & Book Coach who has dedicated her diverse pursuits to elevating the lives of women and authors around the world. She uses her literary talent to evangelize and bring others into the saving faith of Jesus Christ. She started a movement #healedlifewholewoman to help women release past hurt and pain and live a life of purpose and abundance. Pamela has worked with many authors and helped them pursue their dream of becoming published. She has been featured in several magazines, articles, podcasts, and blogs. She was recently named one of 11 Women in Marketplace Ministry to watch in 2021 by Sheen Magazine. 

Hello Author Pamela D. Smith, Thank you for joining us. You recently released a bundle, Pray, Heal, Write, how do the three tie in together for you?
I believe that our anchor, our lifeline is Prayer and therefore everything that we do must be done after we have prayed about it. This is where our divine wisdom comes from. Success, perseverance, and longevity in anything stem from having a fervent prayer life. In order to heal and write a book that is going to transform the lives of others, we must start with prayer. From there we must commit to being healed from the pain, hurt, and guilt that we are holding on to. Inner healing is important because without being healed we will sabotage every level that God elevates us to. And then writing is a great resource; a great tool to help us heal and pray.

What is your purpose with this bundle?
Pray, Heal, Write bundle serves the purpose of helping aspiring authors develop a strategic prayer life, heal from past hurt and pain, and then help them with a guide, a format to write their book. So many aspiring authors tell me that they do not know how to get started with writing their book. I also think it’s important for authors to heal from the things they have gone through so that they can be more effective in their ministry of writing.

Do you still offer publishing services?
This year I am taking a pause from the one-on-one, done for you publishing service. I am offering book coaching because I think it’s more beneficial to an author to be taught how to do it themselves as well as being taught the business of books rather than just have someone do everything for you. When you work with me this year you learn a skill set (self-publishing) so that you are empowered to keep writing and publishing your books. I started doing this because most authors I have worked with are repeat clients.

What are your plans for the Pray, Heal, Write series?
The Pray, Heal, Write series is tiered. For the aspiring author who just needs a little guidance, the book bundle with the 1/2 day Workshop should serve them well. Then later this year I will have a 2-day more intense workshop for the aspiring author who needs more guidance, and then lastly I will launch a group coaching for those who feel as if they need help from start to finish. This will be an 8-week program.

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