Author Alex Winstanley Interview

Alex Winstanley is an author, teacher and social entrepreneur from Wigan, England. Through his books, he raises awareness of a range of long-term health conditions, in a positive and supportive way, for children and young people. He is extremely passionate about promoting a diverse and inclusive society where every person is valued and celebrated. Each of his books is inspired by real people, as Alex believes nothing is more important than giving a voice to those with lived experience.

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My Grandma Has Dementia – Explore what life can be like for someone living with dementia, through a story inspired by real-life experiences.

Perfect for teachers, parents and children alike, this picture book raises awareness of dementia and teaches children how to be supportive of people living with dementia.
This book is aimed at children between 4-10 years old.
The character in this book is dedicated to Mary Perry.

In collaboration with ‘The abilities in me’ book series, this book is the first in a series that highlights the lives of people living with long-term health conditions, in a positive and child-friendly way. The books will be read across schools, community groups and more by the brilliant team at Happy Smiles