Interview with Author Jack Rasmussen

Hello Author Jack Rasmussen, Welcome to WorldAuthors.Org! Tell us about yourself.
Jack is an entrepreneur, author and model. He is also the author of the book Fine Dining: The Secrets behind the Restaurant industry which is coming out this May. 

Tell us what drives you to write? Your motivation and the purpose of your book(s)?
What drives me to write is sharing stories and inspiring people to action. I believe narratives have the power to influence people on another level. It is crazy how every word can mean so much to a reader. It’s the impact that pushes me. 

What do you hope readers will get out of your books? How will they feel or be different after reading it?
My book is told in a forceful and straightforward manner, so I hope it pushes people to go after their dreams and realize that there are nuances to everything in life. The special stuff is hidden in the details. 

What books did you read as a kid/young adult? What are you reading today? How have other authors inspired your writing?
One of my favorite books growing up was The Book Thief because of the way Zusak meshes both fiction and non-fiction while telling stories in such a unique way with subtitles. For my book, several nonfiction books inspired me, such as Greenlights and Outliers. 

What is one thing in your book that will surprise readers? 
There are a lot of celebrity chefs featured. I have to say my favorite restaurant right now is Eleven Madison Park by Daniel Humm, and I think he is genius for turning his restaurant vegan. I am a pescatarian, who only sometimes eats chicken, so his restaurant appeals to me. 
I want to go into Entertainment. I am planning on going to Taiwan for a year to teach English and build a portfolio in Entertainment, including podcasting, modeling, and acting. My dream is to enter the movie industry and tell stories that inspire people. 

What are you working on next? More books?
My author bio will be in the book! Order it when it comes out in May. There will be a lot of cool perks and maybe an exclusive podcast with all-star chefs. 

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