Interview With Author J. Edwards Holt

Born in North Carolina, United States, J. Edwards Holt always knew that he wanted to be a writer. After graduating high school, he attended college and pursued a degree in education, but later decided to change course and follow his dream to become a novelist and children’s author.

Now a full-time writer, editor, and blogger, Holt spends his free time dreaming up stories and reading. He is passionate about spreading Christian messages through his writing, watching science fiction and super hero movies, and collecting comic books.

Hello Author J. Edwards Holt, please tell us a little about you.
I’m J. Edwards Holt. I’m an author of fantasy fiction — mostly young adult but I’ve also written a children’s book as well as a comic book. All my books are fantasy-themed, most having underlying morals and messages in them.

Your books have really grown in popularity in the last year. What did it take for you to achieve success in your writing?
Determination and persistence. Those are definitely two of the things anyone needs if they’re going to write a book — or really accomplish anything in life.

What is your next series about?
I can’t really answer that in detail without spoiling anything. But I can say that the next series takes place after “Little Men, Big Treasures” and that it includes some of the same characters. The first book in the trilogy is finished, now in the publication process! I’ll soon be releasing an official title and synopsis, so if you don’t already follow me on social media, go ahead and give me a follow for all the latest book news and updates.

Is writing a venture that’s guaranteed to make money? Will it make someone an overnight success?
Not necessarily. Anything can happen, but I would never tell anyone that writing a book guarantees overnight success. My advice to some that’s writing is to just write what you feel you need to write. A true author doesn’t write to get famous; they write because they have a story that needs to be told.

Do you consider yourself a world builder?
Absolutely. All of my fantasy stories are set in the same world, and connected in some way or another. The universe I’ve created is called The Seven Branches and it’s where all my stories are set. A map/illustration of the Seven Branches and all the worlds inside it can be found on my social media for viewing purposes as well.

Indie or traditional publishing. Which is best?
Personally, I prefer indie publishing. When I was ready to publish my first book, I went the traditional route. However, I, along with a handful of others, was scammed by my agent and publisher. After this, I did extensive research and decided to go the indie route.

Do you think book length counts? Quantity or quality?
Well, I think that book length is definitely important. However, I also know that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter all the time, so I think that in modern times, it’s best to put out something with 200 pages versus 700.

Lastly, let’s talk about the pandemic. We all hope it will come to an end sooner than later, but how has it affected your career? Do you miss interacting with fans in person?
Well it’s been a challenge, as it has for everyone. But honestly, as a writer, being at home and not being able to go to social gatherings and spend a lot of time with friends actually makes for more time to write and concentrate on writing. I think I probably did more writing in 2020 than in the previous 2-3 years combined.

As for the fans, yes I miss them. I feel like I have a bigger following now than I did before the pandemic, so I really look forward to getting back out there and interacting with people when it’s safe!

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