Jennifer Senne is a wife, a mother of four, and an advocate!

Jennifer resides on Guam’s beautiful island with her husband, her youngest daughter, Kayla, and her two furry babies, Rondo and Kula. She has a master of arts degree in human services from Liberty University, specializing in leadership. She is an entrepreneur, a speaker, and a family and parent coach. As a teacher and trainer for the John Maxwell Team, she visited school campuses training future leaders for the John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative for several years. Jennifer is also an author of several children’s books, including the upcoming awareness book, “Wonder Mommy!”

Jennifer is one of the many people who suffer from the debilitating effects of chronic illness. After so many years of living with hemiplegic migraine and dystonia, she realized that many people are still unfamiliar with the conditions; this inspired her to advocate for chronic illness warriors. Having raised children while battling chronic pains, Jennifer knew how challenging it could be.

 “Being a mother is hard, period, but being a mother with a chronic illness is unexplainable,” says Jennifer. “You have to know when to push through and when to give in. However, giving in is not the same as giving up,” she added. 

Jennifer found her voice through writing and speaking openly about the joys and the tears a mother with chronic illness faces. Because of her love for animals, she also advocates for stray animals like her fur babies. Rhondo, as a puppy lived behind tall dumpsters, but now has taken over her bed space. She also recently fell in love with a cat named Kula who she cherish so much. Both animals gives her comfort during rough times. 

What are some of the resources that helped you along the way? 
Personal growth and adding value to self and others are very important to me. I am one of the thousands of leaders and coaches certified under the John Maxwell Team. It became one of the most valuable resources that helped me with my personal and professional journey. I am surrounded with like-minded people and learned from those who had gone before. I believe that humility and knowing when to ask for help is a valuable resource to have.

Why did you start writing?
While others counted sheep to help them sleep, I created stories in my head. Because my illness made a drastic change in my lifestyle and made my days unpredictable, sometimes I felt defeated until I found writing. Writing became my therapy and my way to gain control of my life.One day, while resting, I decided to open my laptop and wrote what I dreamed the night before; this was the start of my writing journey. 

Tell us about your books: 
I wrote my first book, “Believe,” in December 2018 under a Christian publisher. Believe is a Christmas book that talks about the true meaning of Christmas through the eyes of a teenage boy named Isaac. In 2019, I “jumped and built my wings on the way down,” as my mentor John Maxwell would say, and tackled the self-publishing world. I wrote the book “Good Morning, Mirror!” – a book that talks about the importance of self-talk in children. I battled with self – limiting beliefs as a young child. Because I knew the adverse effects of self-talk and self-doubt as an adult, I wanted to teach young children the importance of believing in themselves early in life. 

Will there be more projects on the horizon?
I am working on several projects at the moment, including a novel. I am currently working on two children’s awareness books that talk about stray animals and a book about ADHD. I hope to continue working on a book that I started last year; it will be one of the four books in a series that I will be working on the next several years, God willing.

How can readers support you? 
Please support my upcoming new book, “Wonder Mommy!” coming out in February. This a sweet tribute to mommies with chronic illness. The book reminds little readers that even when things are tough, Mommies are a WONDER! 

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