Author Seyid: From A Desert Tent To Inspire The Globe By The Internet

Hello Author Seyid, tell us something about yourself?
Thank you so much for promoting global authors and international writers. The question is so difficult for me coming out from a culture of generalization. It doesn’t know any specialization.

Briefly, I am a journalist, a certified trainer, and a conference interpreter based in Montreal, Canada. My name is SEYID.O.SEYID .To simplify it, you can call me SEY.

I had 3 masters degrees in different fields and an extended professional experience in training, teaching, journalism and translations.

I was born probably 1971 in a Mauritanian desert tent on a summer night during one of the hardest droughts of the country.After two decades of general education in Arabic, I decided to embark on a new academic adventure where I chose English to be the language of my higher education.That challenging decision opened doors of opportunities, ending up with a Master’s degree in American Studies, a Master’s degree in developmental communication….

As an international freelance reporter, I worked for Voice of America & United Nations Humanitarian News Agency IRINNEWS…

Now, I am engaged in professional training workshops for a life-changing experience to get the desired effects.

As I am getting older, I fail in changing myself and the world for the better.As the older generation missed the train of transformative development and sound leadership, we should do our best to educate the youth to play their eminent role as future leaders to change the world brilliantly and serve humanity urgently.

Your book, “From Homeless To Ph.D Motivational Master”, was published recently. To begin with, could you tell those who don’t know much about the book?
It is a book with a self-growth theme based on the life model of my great mentor Dr.ERIC THOMAS. As one of the world’s best motivational speakers, he was able to defy all challenges despite his desperate childhood. As an adolescent, he’s suffered all kinds of unbelievable hardship coming out from being fatherless and homeless to reshape his life bravely as desired. He determined his key message as a world first-class motivator.

In this e-book project, you will discover the success story of the motivational master Dr. Eric Thomas telling us not to stop “the grinding process”. He has insisted that “We do what can make us great, not just happy”

His life is a thoughtful presentation of tips, techniques, and methods of continual improvement along the journey of success and personal growth.  It is too rich to be the content of many inspiring future publications.

That is the beauty of the internet age regardless of your age or race, you can learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime.In this challenging time, we need to raise the bar of individual contributions to be in line with global solutions to global issues.

What inspired your debut?
Personally, I am inspired by my family and my Mauritanian community with traditional values idealizing education per se. In the local mind, knowledge is its own reward. The desert community, we do not learn to get a university degree. They learn forever even without being graduated because graduation ceremony could be the official ending of one’s education. They are highly sophisticated in thinking, reading and writing their own manuscripts manually in the digital age. That is the spirit of the traditional culture known locally as the desert open university.

Professionally, The KAIZEN  approach of the Japanese school is one of my favorite inspirations for continuous Improvement.

What is your process of writing a book?
I don’t have any special process of writing. As a spontaneous, ordinary person, I try my best when I get a free moment to write anything at night and rewrite it the next morning to correct as much as I can of my endless mistakes. For me writing is a process in the making, it is a never-ending process. It can always be taken to the extra level. I remember the great inspiring experience of the great American writer of all times. Mr. Hemingway was re-writing one of his passages 39 times for clarity purpose. In such a magical literary sense, it will take me a lifetime to draft a sentence in English, my third language. 

What book are you planning to write next?
Thanks for touching the button of my deepest pain. I’m coming from the desert culture. The plan is no plan at all. It is an order of no order.Planning is a kind of punishment for my little brain if I have any. It has to be naturally spontaneous or it should never be! The sure thing is, if there is nothing sure in this absurd era, writing is a repetitive circle around the three pillars of passion, patience and perseverance. As I mentioned in my first book “ IN THE MIND OF A NOMAD on Amazon since 2016, we are nomads, sons and daughters of the wind and clouds living on the hope that tomorrow will be a rainy day no matter how dry the season is!

“It is the practice of a nomad society to accept everything and believe nothing,” said the thinker Hamden TAH. That is another angle of the untold story of Mauritania traditional culture that is about to die and new habits that are about to emerge. Such cultural manners are vanishing under the new media bombardments invading the land of nomadic minds and ending up the desert spirit of eternal silence. That first book was a humble attempt to give voice to the nation of Mauritania culture, its harsh beauties, its complex personalities, its long legendary history and its short political reality. The book made the unfamiliar familiar for the foreign to seem like home!

What is your advice for young authors?
I can not advise anyone because I’m not a young writer yet. I am a baby indie author. I have to learn the secrets and tricks of the trade, if there is any left.I see every hope in the future generation as an inspiring example with better education and greater technical qualifications. It’s just a matter of desire and a vision clarity to make the impossible mission possible. When you get inspired you will definitely be able to inspire the world!

Where can our readers find you online?
Wearing different hats for different seasons or reasons, as a trader of all and none, you can meet a part of my scattered mind resonating with one of passion or hobbies. For more, please meet me online website:, or Facebook @goldendesert, LinkedIn: @seyid-seyid, and Twitter @goldendesert