Interview with Author Cassie Ellis

Cassie Ellis is a children’s book author, lifestyle writer, and relationship coach. Cassie is best known for her books; Whatever You Like, and Razi Teaches Courage.

Cassie has been deeply passionate about storytelling since she was a little girl. Calling Southern California, home, she also enjoys everything her beautiful state has to offer, from warm weather to breathtaking beaches. When she isn’t writing imaginative stories, you can find her spending time with family and friends, or attending various local events.

Hello AuthorCassie Ellis, Welcome to WorldAuthors.Org! Can you tell us about the Life Captured Journal 101 Days of Inspiration?
This is a reflective tool, that allows the reader to react and respond. Over a period of one hundred and one days the reader will journey through key life concepts. Life is truly “a gift to be cherished” and this journal helps the reader reflect, realize and revel in the beauty of life.

What inspired you to create this book?
I wanted to create something that would motivate and inspire others. Because life moves so fast, we rarely take the time or opportunity to capture the amazing moments in life. 

What other books have you published? 
My first children’s book titled Whatever You Like celebrates the uniqueness in all of us. It is a reminder that being different is okay. Razi Teaches Courage is part of a 4-book series that teaches core values to kids. Razi Teaches Self-Love, Gratitude, and Honesty will be released throughout 2022.

How important is writing to you?
Writing has been a key part of my life since I was a young girl. Writing serves as the portal to my ideas, and imagination. 

Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?
All of my books will be connected in the sense, they inspire you to become a better version of yourself. I feel this is necessary for adults and children.

What is your favorite childhood book?
I have two. Is that okay?

Sure what are they?
“To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, and “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret” by Judy Blume. Definitely, classic!

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
I would say the spelling bees will pay off, your writing is worth it, and never ever give up.

What does literary success look like to you?
Having a positive influence on the lives of my readers is extremely important to me. If I inspire one person to be better, and to live a quality life, then that for me is success.

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