Author Bo Bennett Talks With WorldAuthors.Org About His New Book “SQUAT!”

Bo Bennett is an American screenwriter living near Boston, MA. He is also a social psychologist and author of over a dozen books.

Bo was born in Connecticut where he lived until he was 21. He attended Bryant University in Rhode Island and earned his Bachelor’s degree in marketing. After working in business for over 20 years, Bo returned to school to earn his master’s degree in general psychology and his PhD in social psychology. 

Hello AuthorBo Bennett, Welcome to WorldAuthors.Org! Why did you write the book? What was your motivation behind it?
This book is an adaptation of a screenplay we did for the first season of a sitcom. We wanted to write something edgy and clever—something where we could poke fun at current political issues in a non-obvious way. In fact, some of the issues are so well hidden that some people miss it. This is exactly what we wanted.

How do you see this book being relevant today?
The book addresses current issues in a humorous and non-offensive (to most people) way. Issues such as Qanon, claims of stolen elections, gender perplexity, conspiracies, “Karens,” and more.
Plus, the readers will encounter common themes they expect in good stories, such as love and disappointment.

Why do you think you are the right person to write this book? How do you think your qualifications or experience make this a better book?
As a social psychologist, I have a unique insight into human behavior. This helps me to write from an apolitical standpoint and poke fun where fun is deserved without political bias getting in the way. Both the extreme right and extreme left can be extremely ridiculous, and worthy of mockery.

How did you come up with the idea for the book?
Spending time at gyms since I was about 14 years old. I found myself saying quite often about fellow gym members, “they would make a great sitcom character!”

Anything else you want readers to know?
This book is also available in audiobook, where you can hear me do over 40 different character voices 🙂

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