Historic Ironwood Theatre to Host World Premier of the Gripping Psychological Thriller ‘Intent Unknown’

Ironwood, Michigan – Intent Unknown, the psychological thriller shot in Keokuk and Fort Madison, Iowa, around this time last year, has completed post-production and is now set for release this March. The film is co-written & executive produced by director Terence Gordon and Ironwood native Beth Deacon.

Intent Unknown is a production by TNG Films, owned by Terence Gordon. Deus Beni handled the cinematography and color grading, along with his crew, Cruse Arrington on camera operation and Noel Barthalomew on sound.

The premise of the film involves four college psychology students presented with an assignment to test human behavior. Harper, the protagonist, selects her secluded home on the bluff as the ideal spot for the experiment, and along with her classmates LunaAmelia, and Chase, extends an invitation to Harold, a complete stranger, igniting a series of events that will permanently transform their lives. Joining these promising newcomers are industry stalwarts Eric Roberts and Julianne Michelle.

“TNG FILMS presents a truly enthralling investigation into human behavior, decisions, and the repercussions that emerge when limits are tested,” said the film’s associate producer Adrienne Mazzone.

“Viewers will embark upon a cinematic voyage into the intricacies of the psyche, where sanity and ethics teeter on the edge.”

Terence said it was great working with everyone on this film. “There were plenty of long days on set, but we were one big family. To think we set out to make one film and now it’s turned into a trilogy is pretty amazing. Really looking forward to the premier,” he said.

It’s only fitting that the premier be held at the Historic Ironwood Theatre in Beth’s hometown. While Beth has numerous film projects in development, this marks her first film premier and imminent release. Beth leapt into screenwriting and producing after the publication of her first book, “7 Doors In” and she hasn’t looked back since.

Beth is also creator and executive producer of the series, “Seven Doors” which is in development and inspired by her book.  “There’s no greater feeling than having the premier of my first film in my hometown,” said Beth Deacon.” “Truly a full circle moment for me,” added Deacon.

“Creating a safe space where artists are given the opportunity to learn, and grow is what our team has always been about. I love that we get to do this. It’s everything,” said Anita Sayago of Edana Entertainment, a producer on the film.

The film screening will take place on March 15. Doors and concessions open at 6pm. The music of VHS Vintage Harmonic Symphony, an Americana band, will play in the theater until the premier starts at 7pm. VHS with their catchy blues and folk undertones can also be heard throughout the film and serves to enrich the cinematic experience. The film starts at 7pm followed by a Q & A with the cast and crew.

Intent Unknown 2 will be filmed in the Ironwood, Michigan area. For more details visit www.ironwoodtheatre.net.