Netflix’s Hit Man Review – More Than Just a Fun Crime Story

Netflix’s Hit Man is a fun and entertaining movie that offers a bit more than you might expect. Directed by Richard Linklater and written by Linklater and the film’s star, Glen Powell, it mixes comedy, romance, and suspense in a way that keeps you interested from start to finish.

The story is about Gary Johnson (played by Powell), a quiet and nerdy professor who teaches philosophy and psychology. He has a talent for electronics, which gets him a side job helping the New Orleans police. When a cop named Jasper (played by Austin Amelio), who poses as a hitman, is suspended, Gary is asked to take over. Surprisingly, Gary discovers he’s really good at pretending to be a hitman.

Gary researches the people he needs to trick and creates different identities to match what they expect a hitman to be like. Powell has a lot of fun playing these different roles, using various wigs and accents to become different types of killers. One of the highlights is when he does a perfect impression of Christian Bale’s character from American Psycho.

The movie is based on a real person named Gary Johnson, who worked as a fake hitman for the police in Houston, Texas, in the 1990s and 2000s. Gary didn’t wear disguises, but he caught people trying to hire a hitman.

As Gary pretends to be a hitman, he meets Madison Masters (played by Adria Arjona), a woman who wants to get rid of her abusive husband. Gary, using his hitman persona “Ron,” tries to talk her out of it. As they interact, Gary starts to fall for Madison, and he’s not sure if he likes her because of who she is or because he enjoys being the confident “Ron.”

The movie’s first half feels relaxed and takes time to explore its characters and ideas. Gary quotes famous philosophers and thinks about deep questions with his students. His cats are even named Ego and Id, which are terms from psychology.

The second half of the movie picks up the pace and becomes more exciting. Gary’s relationship with Madison grows, and he finds himself in increasingly tricky situations. Powell and Arjona have great chemistry, making their romance believable and engaging.

Linklater, known for his thoughtful movies, manages to include some deeper themes about identity and morality without making the movie too heavy. The film stays light and enjoyable, thanks to the fun disguises and clever dialogues.

Netflix’s Hit Man is a smart and entertaining movie that offers more than just laughs. With strong performances from Glen Powell and Adria Arjona, and Richard Linklater’s unique storytelling, it’s a film that makes you think while keeping you entertained. If you’re looking for a movie that combines humor, romance, and a bit of suspense, Hit Man is a great choice.