Understanding the Planet Moon in Indian astrology

In a series of articles on understanding planets in Indian astrology, we have covered the sun and moon. In this article, we will cover the Moon (Chandra) planet, which holds a significant place as one of the nine planets that influence a person’s chart.

Considered to be the ruler of the mind and emotions, the planet Moon’s position in a birth chart is believed to have a deep impact on a person’s personality, emotions, and mental well-being.

The moon is also associated with mother and is often associated with the qualities of nurturing, sensitivity, intuition, and openness. In Hindu astrology, the moon is considered a benefic planet that provides emotional stability and creativity. However, it can perform negatively if it sits in a house/s where it is not considered good.

A strong placement of the moon in one’s birth chart indicates emotional intelligence, empathy, and a deep connection to one’s inner self, while a weak moon can bring a lot of mood swings, inner turmoil, and emotional instability.

The planet Moon is also considered important to understand a person’s mental health, overall well-being, peace of mind, and inner contentment. For those who have a weak moon position, they must take the advice of an astrologer to get a proper remedy and good results.