Former President Trump’s Upcoming Book “Letters to Trump” Features Private Correspondence with Celebrities, Politicians, and World Leaders

Former US President Donald Trump’s upcoming book, “Letters to Trump,” is set to release on April 25th, featuring letters he received from various celebrities, politicians, and world leaders throughout the years. The book, which contains around 150 letters, will be published by Winning Team publishing, founded by Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. and Republican political operative Sergio Gor. The book will cost $99 ( ₹8,120), with an option to purchase a signed edition for $399 ( ₹32,700).

The letters in the book serve as a time capsule from an era before Trump became a polarizing political figure, showcasing his interactions with a variety of people when he was still a New York celebrity who was considering running for office. The book also includes letters from foreign leaders, including former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

The book has gained new significance amid the ongoing federal investigation into Trump’s retention of presidential records and the disappearance of documents with classified markings that ended up at his Mar-a-Lago club. The investigation began after archives officials noticed missing documents that Trump had spoken about publicly, including letters from Kim, with whom Trump corresponded with often as president.

The book also includes a letter from Bolsonaro, the former far-right president of Brazil, who, like Trump, refused to accept his election defeat and claimed, without evidence, that the nation’s voting system was prone to fraud. In the letter, which was sent in January after Bolsonaro was voted out of office, Bolsonaro expressed the “historic relationship” between Brazil and the US, and how they achieved great accomplishments for their respective nations during their presidencies.

Trump acknowledged his pattern of building close relationships with strongmen like Kim and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, which some former White House aides believe stems from Trump’s desire to share their unchecked power. The book has generated interest from both supporters and critics, as it provides insight into Trump’s relationships and interactions with various public figures.