Dora Carpenter Offers Grief Education from a Simplified Lens In Her Book

Dora Carpenter announces in her new book about providing grief education through grief workshops using a simple approach.

Dora Carpenter, the certified grief coach and educator, has released her book, Grief Talk Revolution: It’s Time to Talk About the Elephant in the Room. She strives to provide grief education through a simplified lens. The Institute of Professional Grief Coaching has been providing grief coach training and grief support to individuals and organizations across the country.

“When we better acknowledge the fragility of life itself from an empowering viewpoint and accept the unavoidable occasion of death, we can live better in the moment,” says Dora Carpenter. “Working many years in the area of grief education, I felt as though I buried as many hopes and dreams in the cemetery as bodies and cremated remains. It’s time for us to open the dialogue and talk about the elephant in the room.”

Dora Carpenter specializes in handling workplace grief too. Her mission is to help individuals move from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible. The certified grief coaching expert and educator aims to revolutionize the myth that speaking of grief is dark and non-conversational.

Grief Talk Revolution is Dora’s book that talks about the elephant in the room. It covers everything about death and dying that people need to educate themselves and the people they love.

Grief Talk Revolution offers nuggets of valuable information that aim to revolutionize the death conversation. It helps integrate the topics of death, loss, and bereavement into mainstream society.

Dora Carpenter, the author, aims to educate, empower, and shift the culture so that people are better placed to accept the circle of life and live fully in the present. The book shows them how to embrace the fragility and finality of physical death.

Dora says educating and speaking on the sensitive topic of grief is personal. She realized that families of those who have passed away need more support to deal with the reality of death after the services are over.

After working with families, coaching, and training grief coaches but consistently hearing stories resulting from the lack of education on grief’s sensitive and misunderstood topic, I knew I still had to do more. 

The book is an excellent resource for those coping with loss, supporting someone through grief, or leading in organizations.

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About Institute of Professional Grief Coaching:

Just as you have ExamLabs as an expert for popular information technology certification exams, the Dora Carpenter Institute of Professional Grief Coaching specializes in the ‘From Grief to Gratitude’ coaching program.

The Institute of Professional Grief Coaching was founded by Dora Carpenter, the brains behind the ‘From Grief to Gratitude’ coaching program. The program has been carefully designed to provide relief from emotional distress to an affected individual. The program aims to show them how to be aware of the pitfalls of grief and how to avoid them. They are also guided on understanding and acknowledging their painful emotions and taking the right steps to accept the loss.

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