Lightsurfers: Reincarnation

What happens when a baby takes its first breath? Your soul comes into your body from the spirit world. Your soul then resides in your hip area, which is the densest part of your body and from there, it radiates out via human energy fields and chakras. Gifted people from all societies can see these human energy fields and chakras, but science is only now discovering them. Angel Kryon says that it will not be long before a quantum viewer will be invented to show human energy fields and chakras to the world.

One of Karl’s instructors at the College of Psychic Studies in London, England, is a lady called Amanda Roberts, now living in New Zealand. Amanda can recall her soul being in the spirit world and sitting with a committee of other souls and planning her next incarnation mission.

Free will is everything. It is up to each soul to decide how potent their next incarnation will be. The committee of souls might then say that the mission could be too difficult for your soul’s previous life experiences, but it is up to each soul to decide.

Once your soul enters your body at birth, you forget your incarnation missions, and this is the beauty of the system called reincarnation.

If you want to hear more why not listen in to Karl de Leeuw’s short documentary on “Reincarnation”?