Daily Meditative Reflections Inspire Hope and Faith Throughout Lent and Easter Seasons

It’s that time of year again when we all start thinking about how we can make the most of Lent and Easter. Have you considered An Encounter: A Daily Discovery in Divine Word Volumes II and III? This series of books by Fr. Dr. Maurice Emelu can help you approach Lent and Easter with intention and purpose — even if it’s just one day at a time. And, he explains, it will be a surprising, transformative, spiritual resource for you and your loved ones.

“You see the eucharist, you see the sacraments, you see your neighbor, you see your friend, you see your family, you see the workplace, you see the road where you will walk — every part of that, in different degrees, are ways that you can really encounter the grace of God,” Fr. Emelu said in a recent interview.

Drawing upon his many years of pastoral ministry, Fr. Emelu combines story-telling with a Western worldview to offer a unique perspective on faith-life and what it means to grow closer to the Lord. He communicates his sentiments and ideas in compelling, relatable ways and applies them to today’s realities. Each passage aims to heal, inspire, teach and encourage through the power of God’s Word.

An Encounter is suitable for both personal and group faith sharing — for anyone seeking a daily walk with God. The topics of future volumes will be announced soon.

“Alone with God, the soul hears words that the noisy world often silences,” he said. “Call them a boost for the day or a spiritual companion for everyday life. They are empowering words meant to accompany readers on their own journey of life as they continue to discover the gentle Word of God.”

About the Author

Father Maurice Nkem Emelu, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of digital media and communication at John Carroll University in the United States. He is the chair of the John Carroll University core committee on humanities. The author of seven books, and over 700 blogs and professional articles, he provides robust cross-cultural educational programs through digital media. He is the host of EWTN’s The Faith with Father Maurice and the host/executive producer of Word for a Wounded World teaching series, plus numerous other television and radio works. He holds a Ph.D. from Liverpool Hope University, UK, focusing on digital storytelling, media aesthetics and theology, among other academic degrees. An encounter with the Lord when he was 14 changed him in fundamental ways, and today he describes himself as “passionately in love with God and His body, the Church.”

For more information, please visit www.revemelu.com, or follow the author on Twitter and YouTube.