Best Social Media Applications in 2021-2022

Social Media is an important part of our life. Everyone has access to internet and as well as social media. Literally everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. Some use social media applications for fun, to kill time, whereas some use social media applications for business purposes like marketing of products, for brand advertisements etc. People open their social media accounts when they are free to get rid of the “nothing” they are doing in their free times. 

 The use of social media, today, has become a necessity. Previously the only necessities of humans for survival included oxygen, food, water, shelter, and clothing. But now the world has changed. It seems like the world cannot progress without the use of social media. Social media applications are also an effective means of communication. The use of social media has grown to an extent that people won’t interact in real life but they’ll have conversations over social media. A recent research revealed that the number of people using social media is said to cross 2.6 billion in 2018. Now that is very huge.

Now the topic of discussion is the best social media applications in 2021-2022 for more Instagram followers.


We don’t have to use words to tell why Facebook is the most liked and the best app of 2018. The number of people using Facebook daily itself tells us that it is indeed the most desired app.  Everyone uses Facebook. It is the one of the best app that helps you stay connected to your friends and family. Facebook is not only used for communication or networking, but Facebook is also used for selling your products online, for promoting your businesses, for online marketing of your products etc.


Twitter has no doubt a large number of audience which itself tells the worth of this social application. This app is not very suitable for communicating just like Facebook. It is more news oriented than communication oriented. It tells you about the current situation of any state. 


After Facebook and Twitter, the most used application is WhatsApp. It allows instant messaging, video and audio calling. You can call your relatives living overseas abroad without any charges if you have WhatsApp.


Another best social media application is Instagram. Just like Facebook helps you connect with followers by adding them to your friend list, Instagram works by following the other person. Instagram is basically a photo-sharing application. Anyone can share his photos or videos on Instagram. It also allows you to have messages with your followers. The updated features also supports video calling.


Snapchat is another photo sharing app. It lets you take pictures with different appealing filters. Snapchat is most liked by women as they love taking selfies and the animated filters attracts more and more people towards using snapchat.


LinkedIn like other social media applications, is a very professional website. People are using LinkedIn for getting jobs, recruiting, taking online interviews etc. This application is not used for communicating.