In “What Every Leader Needs”, Dr. Adam Bandelli Provides No-Nonsense Advice For Achieving Sustainable, Positive Impact

What are the characteristics of great leaders? How do they guide teams, inspire others, and create positive change? In his new book WHAT EVERY LEADER NEEDS, Dr. Adam Bandelli spotlights ten competencies that he has identified based on two decades of research into leadership behaviors, skills and aptitudes. These are learned competencies that anyone, from front line managers to CEO’s, can put into practice with focus and repetition. In WHAT EVER LEADER NEEDS, Bandelli shows them how.

The author not only provides straight-forward, no-nonsense advice, but brings his concepts to life by sharing dozens of stories about the challenges his clients have faced as they worked to achieve their leadership goals. He also provides self-assessment tools to help readers craft their own development strategies. Along the way, he carefully outlines the ten indisputable competencies that all great leaders share, including:

Vision – Bandelli starts with vision. Visionary leaders have a clear picture of the future. They communicate their ideas, goals, and priorities in simple and succinct language generating buy-in and commitment from their people.

Passion – Next comes passion. Passionate leaders are fully engaged in their work. They leverage strengths and maximize potential, anticipating new possibilities for their people, teams and organizations. 

Commitment – Committed leaders are comfortable with ambiguity. They foster clarity of purpose and prioritization during times of change and uncertainty, overcoming obstacles from all sources, both within and outside of their organizations. 

Vigilance – According to Bandelli, vigilant leaders demonstrate personal accountability and ownership for decisions, results, and consequences. They use structure, process, and clear expectations to keep people focused on the right priorities.

Consistency – Consistent leaders remain calm under pressure and deliver on their commitments. They deal with difficult situations in an even-handed manner, motivated by more than personal gain. Their goal is to promote the greater good of the organization.

Endurance – Bandelli explains that leaders who possess endurance persist despite adversity and setbacks. They get to the root causes of problems, find solutions, and create cultures where people figure out what needs to be done rather than waiting to be told what to do. 

Compassion – Compassionate leaders connect and empathize with others, building long-term relationships. They value individual differences, understand their employees’ strengths and weaknesses, and actively coach them to develop their capabilities. 

Inspiration – Bandelli writes that inspirational leaders give people something to believe in and establish a rallying cry for the organization. They possess sufficient humility to compromise when appropriate, and know how to use the right incentives to motivate their people. They encourage collaboration across all levels of the organization.

Innovation – When leaders are innovative, they take a nimble approach to anticipating and responding to changes in their operating landscape. They course correct with new data and changing market conditions. Innovative leaders love the stimulation of intellectual challenges and enjoy learning new subject matter to improve performance.  

Wisdom – Wise leaders demonstrate strong business acumen. They can translate an understanding of industry, customers, and competitors into broad strategic choices for the organization. They are willing to take calculated risks, make mistakes, and learn from them. They set a tone of learning for others, and constantly look for ways to develop and grow. 

After learning about the ten competencies and using the book’s self-assessment tools, readers of WHAT EVERY LEADER NEEDS will be well on their way to improving their leadership skills and helping their people excel. As Dr. Bandelli writes in the book’s conclusion, “The future belongs to the leaders who are constantly looking for ways to improve. When leaders grow, everyone around them gets better. Leaders who are quick to apply what they learn have the greatest long-term success. They get the best out of their people, teams, and organizations.” WHAT EVERY LEADER NEEDS is the ultimate guide for your leadership journey.

Dr. Adam Bandelli, author of WHAT EVERY LEADER NEEDS, is Managing Director of Bandelli & Associates, a leadership advisory firm based in New York City. Prior to founding the firm, Bandelli was a partner at Korn Ferry where he led the private equity assessment practice for North America. Earlier, he was a partner at RHR International serving as one of the firm’s leaders on CEO succession and leadership development. Bandelli received his PhD and master’s degrees from the University of South Florida in industrial-organizational psychology, and a bachelor’s degree concentrating on psychology and business management from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He is a frequent speaker at Fortune 500 companies, leadership retreats, and business and professional settings.