Author Sheri Strobaugh Interview

Sheri Strobaugh is a Washington-based author. She is known for writing an excellent Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel titled TWIN SHIVERS.

Writing is her forte that helped her present her story to the world. Sheri is an adoptee who decided to search for her birth family. Since she is a successful writer, it was natural for her to write her journey as it presented itself. According to her, her life was a roller coaster ride which she definitely never regretted searching. Recently she published her first book.

The book is about her personal adoption journey. After knowing that she was adopted, at six weeks of age, receiving her Non-Identification Adoption Papers spiraled her life into needing to find her birth family. It has been an absolute roller coaster of emotions for her. She had millions of questions that she wanted answers for. Questions like – Why do I feel alone? Does anyone really understand? My birth father was a legend. Do I have a right to feel proud, love, and honor his legacy? Etc., made her write her journey back in 2006 when she decided to search for her birth family.

The book is a great success today and very much relatable to people who go through the same kind of emotions and sentiments upon knowing that they are adoptees. The book is an emotional journey of the author’s life and how she tackled the feeling of finding her birth family.

Besides writing a sci-fi novel titled “TWIN SHIVERS,” Sheri has also written a 12 book children’s series called HEALING HUGGABLES, which is in the editing phase currently.

When Sheri is not writing, she loves spending her time cooking. Besides, she loves traveling, camping, hiking, waterskiing and reading!

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