Author, Owner and Co-Founder of Depina Credit Solutions, Arthur G. Depina Launches a New Book ‘Unlocking Your Credit’

Brockton, USA — Arthur Depina, the owner and co-founder of Depina Credit Solutions has launched a book titled Unlocking Your Credit’ Beginner-Friendly Guide To Legally Understand, Repair, And Leverage The Credit System To Your Advantage further extending his impeccable credit knowledge and the thirst to help those suffering in the same. With the book, Arthur aims to show people how to “navigate safely the world of consumer credit – which is forever shrouded in secrecy”. 
The chapters discuss in detail what credit is and how a credit score is calculated. 

Arthur also gives insights on how anyone can begin building credit in case you don’t have one. He also teaches to repair bad credit for those who have it but left it in bad shape. Some other topics that Arthur covers in his book include, correcting mistakes in credit reports and improving the credit profile at large. The steps and rules in creating an ideal credit profile are discussed and even if the credit is in good condition, Arthur deploys ways to avoid troubles in the future.  

Arthur Depina and Ana Fernandes have been helping immigrants and minority communities in the USA to become financially well and independent. With their company Depina Credit Solutions, the couple has been working hard to diminish the inequality that exists in the system and to advocate and represent the struggles of the minority at the administrative levels. 

Growing up in the hands of poverty, Arthur Depina is no stranger to struggles as he had to work really hard to make ends meet. Being an immigrant in a first world country, the only way he could make it out of the system was only if he worked to earn a decent living and a lifestyle. No many were skilled or specialized enough to help the marginal communities out of bad credit or entre the credit market with good insights. 

Arthur and his siblings migrated to the States at the age of 10, in the early 90’s, when they just had a few hundred dollars with them. All Arthur knew or had was a strong will and a future full of dreams despite the sudden culture thrust and financial crisis. Remembering being put in a school system that tried and tested everything in him, Arthur says that he did not stop going and motivated himself with his dreams of a future that he wants and was working for. 

Arthur graduated from Andrews University with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, & in International languages and passed out with excellent scores just like his high school. Arthur and Ana started their credit repair firm to help the immigrant community to get through what they call the ‘Secret World of Credit’ and present them with ways to leverage the power of credit to responsibly get credit cards, finance a car, buying their first home, investment properties, maintain good credit, and setup a better financial future for their family and love ones.

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