Andy Horner aka Anxious Andy is breaking the stigma on mental illness

Andy Horner from West Yorkshire is appalled that people are saying they are mentally ill just to claim benefits. Andy said “ People are going to extreme lengths to claim benefits, I’ve met people who have told me they are not mentally ill but are going to the doctors to get antidepressants so they can use as evidence for applying for pip (Personal Independent PayPal) I have battled with Anxiety and Depression from childhood and I genuinely need help and support. I have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals and have and still am under mental health services. I take medication and have regular therapy.

I think there is still a long way to go on breaking the stigma, you can’t just tell by looking at someone that they are mentally ill. It’s very complex. We have such a variety of mental illness, I think GP,s are too quick to just hand out medication than actually get to the route of the problem. We need more care in the community, support and easier access to services for people who are genuinely ill and need the support.

I think a more thorough investigation needs to happen when people are applying for these kind of benefits because at the moment it seems to be assessed more on how you look on the outside and what you tell the assessor instead of looking deeper into the individual.

I know of genuine people who are struggling who don’t receive any benefits and others who are not ill receive them. It’s all wrong and this needs to change.

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