Author of 8 Rules of Love

The author of the book 8 Rules of Love is Jay Shetty, a British author, motivational speaker, and former monk who has gained a large following on social media for his inspiring content. Shetty is known for his ability to simplify complex topics and provide the knowledge most efficiently.

Born in 1987, Jay Shetty shares various rules to offer practical advice on how to cultivate more love and compassion in our lives. The book talks about the eight rules which help the readers the basic concepts of love and how it is important to become mature in love.

Some of the key themes in the book are about the value of self-love, the need for forgiveness and the role of gratitude. The author shares the timeless wisdom from the Vedas to fill everyone’s hearts with love.

8 Rules of Love is a book that talks about the process of finding love and keeping it forever in life. Jay Shetty has earlier written ‘Think Like A Monk’ which has also been a bestseller. His latest book ‘8 Rules of Love’ has also joined the club of bestsellers.