SSB Book Picks by Dr. Arun K Shukla, Founder of La Militaire Academy

The SSB, or Service Selection Board, is responsible for conducting the selection process for the three branches of the Indian Armed Forces: the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The SSB comprises a team of assessors, including Group Task Officers, Interviewing Officers, and Psychologists. These experts oversee a five-day rigorous selection process for potential officers in the Indian Armed Forces. For individuals embarking on the demanding path to become officers through the SSB interviews, the availability of the right resources plays a vital role in determining their success.

For those embarking on the challenging journey to become officers in the Indian Armed Forces through the Service Selection Board (SSB) interviews, the right resources play a crucial role in achieving success.

In this video, Dr. Arun K Shukla, the founder of La Militaire Academy, India’s leading institute for SSB Training & Coaching, presents three recommended books for SSB (Service Selection Board) aspirants. These books are essential resources for individuals preparing for SSB interviews and examinations. Dr. Shukla’s expertise and insights make this video a valuable guide for those seeking to excel in their SSB journey.