A Symphony of Nature

In forests deep and oceans wide,
Nature’s wonders, none can hide.
Mountains standing strong and tall,
Whispers of the wind enthrall.

Beneath the sky’s expansive dome,
Where rivers through the meadows roam.
Sunrise paints the morning skies,
A canvas of eternal ties.

Flowers bloom in vibrant hue,
Morning dew and skies so blue.
Chirping birds and buzzing bees,
Nature’s song through towering trees.

Majestic creatures, wild and free,
Roaming hills and open sea.
Moonlit nights, a tranquil balm,
Nature’s heartbeat, a soothing psalm.

Nature’s rhythms, pure and clear,
Each season brings its own frontier.
Celestial ballet, stars align,
A symphony where all intertwine.

Guardians of this Earthly treasure,
Preserve, protect, and find the pleasure.
In every leaf, in every stream,
Nature’s beauty, a timeless dream.