Why Authors Should Use Hashtags And Top 10 Hashtags For Authors

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash symbol (#) that is used to identify and categorize messages on social media platforms. Hashtags are used to help people discover content that is relevant to their interests and to facilitate online conversations around specific topics. Hashtags can be added to the text of a social media post or used in the comments section to help the post or comment be more easily discoverable by others. For example, if an author writes a post about their latest book, they might include hashtags like #bookstagram #amwriting #authorlife to make their post more discoverable to people who are interested in books or writing.


  1. Increased visibility: Hashtags can help to increase the visibility of an author’s content by making it more discoverable on social media platforms. Authors can reach a wider audience and potentially gain new followers by using relevant hashtags.
  2. Connect with like-minded people: Hashtags can help authors to connect with others who have similar interests or are part of the same community. This can be a great way to find new readers, share ideas, and collaborate with other writers.
  3. Participate in online conversations: Hashtags can help authors to participate in online discussions and join in on trending topics. Authors can use relevant hashtags to share their thoughts and insights with a larger audience and potentially attract more attention to their work.
  4. Promote their work: Hashtags can be a valuable tool for promoting an author’s work. Using hashtags related to their book or genre, authors can reach readers interested in similar types of content.

Overall, using hashtags can be a helpful way for authors to increase their visibility, connect with others, and promote their work online.


  1. #amwriting: This hashtag is commonly used by authors actively working on a writing project.
  2. #authorlife: This hashtag is used to share insights into the life of an author, including their writing process, challenges, and successes.
  3. #bookstagram: This hashtag is used by authors and book lovers to share photos and recommendations for books on Instagram.
  4. #writerslife: This hashtag is used by writers to share their experiences and challenges as writers.
  5. #writerscommunity: This hashtag is used to connect with other writers and to share writing tips and resources.
  6. #bookmarketing: This hashtag is used by authors to share marketing tips and strategies for promoting their books.
  7. #indieauthor: This hashtag is used by independent authors to connect with others and to share resources and advice.
  8. #selfpublishing: This hashtag is used by self-published authors to share their experiences and to connect with others in the self-publishing community.
  9. #bookclub: This hashtag is used by authors and book clubs to share recommendations and to discuss books.
  10. #bookblogger: This hashtag is used by authors and book bloggers to share book reviews and book recommendations.