Who is the writer of the song Dil Se Re

The song Dil Se Re is from the popular Bollywood movie ‘Dil Se..’ released in 1998. The lyrics of the song were penned by the renowned poet and lyricist, Gulzar. The song remains a favorite among music lovers and has become a timeless classic.

Born in 1934, Gulzar, whose real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra, is one of the most famous lyricists in the Indian film industry. He is renowned for his profound and meaningful lyrics that touch the hearts of listeners. 

Composed by the legendary music director A.R. Rahman, the song Dil Se Re is a beautiful and soulful composition that captures the essence of love and longing with some powerful beats. Gulzar’s poetic and deep lyrics express the emotions of the protagonist, played by Shah Rukh Khan, in an impeccable manner.

The director of the film ‘Dil Se..’ is Mani Ratnam, the legendary Indian filmmaker. The film explores various themes, such as terrorism, patriotism, and love. The leading cast of the movie includes Shah Rukh Khan, Manisha Koirala, and Priety Zinta. The combination of Gulzar’s powerful lyrics and A.R. Rahman’s melodious music creates a magical experience for the listeners, as the song is still popular among the audience.