Who is the writer of the movie Dear Zindagi

Released in 2016, Dear Zindagi is an Indian coming-of-age drama film. The writer of the film is Gauri Shinde, who has also directed the film. The film stars Alia Bhatt in a lead role as Kaira, a young cinematographer who is struggling in her life with various aspects of her life, including her relationships, career, and many more.

Dear Zindagi takes the audience on a heartfelt journey of self-discovery through Kaira and her experiences, who gets help from a psychologist named Dr. Jehangir Khan, played by Shah Rukh Khan. Produced by Gauri Khan, Karaj Johar, and Shinde, the film was a big success at the box office.

Born in 1974, Gauri Shinde is an Indian director and screenwriter who has made her directorial debut with English Vinglish, starring Sridevi in a lead role. The story of English Vinglish was by Gauri Shinde only.

One of the main themes of “Dear Zindagi” is the importance of mental health and that seeking help is completely okay when needed. Dear Zindagi was highly appreciated by the young audiences, who could relate to the reality of mental health issues in their generation and the need to share them with someone.