Understanding the Planet Mars in Indian Astrology

In Indian or Vedic astrology, Mars is known as Mangal or Kuja and is considered to be the most powerful, fierce, and energized planet. The Mars planet is connected with energy, passion, aggression, strength, power, and courage.

Mars is one of the malefic planets of Vedic astrology that can bring challenges and obstacles to our lives if not properly balanced. On the other hand, if Mars is well balanced in a person’s chart, it can bring a lot of success, power, determination, and physical strength.

Mars is associated with blood, muscles, and energy levels in our body when it comes to our health. A strong placement of Mars in the birth chart can provide good physical health and strength, while a weak Mars can lead to issues related to blood, inflammation, or blood-related disorders.

In Indian astrology, there are various remedies, such as wearing gemstones or performing specific rituals and prayers, to balance the energy of Mars and reduce its negative effects. However, all those remedies must be taken under the guidance of a good astrologer. Understanding the value of Mars in one’s birth chart can help the person understand their energy, physical strength, and motivations.