3 Interesting Words to Use in Your Daily Life

Increasing your vocabulary will not only make you a better communicator but will also help you express yourself more effectively. It is important to learn news words and use them in your daily life. By adding these interesting words to your daily life, you can enhance your communication skills and add richness to your conversations. Here are five interesting words that you can add to your daily conversations:

1. Serendipity

Meaning: The happening of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Serendity is such a beautiful word that can be used in our day-to-day lives easily, and it is also not a word that makes us closer to the English of a native person.

2. Resplendent

Meaning: attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous.

One of the most famous words in the English language is resplendent. One can use the word to make communication better.

3. Euphoria

Meaning: A feeling or state of high excitement and happiness.

Euphoria is a word to express when a person is intensely happy or excited in life due to a situation or a feeling.